Calculating ROI for your Social Media Marketing Campaign March 7, 2014 19:24

The attached PDF is from a recent Power Point presentation that I did on "Calculating ROI for your Social Media Marketing Campaign".  This blog post is a compilation of my notes from the presentation.  Calculating ROI for your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Definition of ROI:

To start, we have to have an understanding of ROI (Return on Investment).  On paper, ROI could not be simpler. To calculate it, you simply take the gain of an investment, subtract the cost of the investment, and divide the total by the cost of the investment. Or:

ROI = (Gains – Cost)/Cost

Return on investment - or ROI - is the rate of revenues received for every dollar invested in an item or activity. In a marketing sense, knowing the ROI of your advertising and marketing campaigns helps you to identify which techniques are most effective in generating income for your business.  It's also important to note that your time invested in your marketing campaign also has a cost co-efficient. Continue reading

Social Networking for the Business Person with No Extra Time July 10, 2012 14:28


Social Networking Presentation

I gave the attached PowerPoint Presentation at robinTime this past May as part of the Wednesday evening TechSavvy series cosponsored by Newport County Computers/ATC Tech.  The following post is a compilation of my notes that accompanied the PowerPoint presentation, so be sure to look at the attached PowerPoint while reading the post.

Social Media Sharing Buttons 

As many business people have already started to use social media, I geared the presentation and this post towards the supposition that the reader (audience) has at least one social media account.   In addition, as I have gained much of my social media savvy through my efforts to market my own small business, I have used my social media accounts as examples.    Continue reading