Welcome to CADEAUX du MONDE's Blog.  As one of the founders and the current managing partner of CADEAUX du MONDE, an eclectic green fair trade international folk art gallery that opened its doors in November 1987, I have had the privilege of learning so many things by doing.  My partners and I had a wonderful idea that turned into a reality that is now in its 24th year--a way that we could marry our vocation with our avocation.

I have shared this story and the many challenges and successes that we have had in many venues--in our gallery, around New England, on trade missions around the world, etc.  Now I am going to share again on this blog.  Some of the stories and the topics that I want to explore and share include the following--running a green business, engaging in fair trade with artists from over 40 countries in the developing world, showcasing international folk art, educating the public about wearable and decorative art, event planning and using events to promote the arts and artists, marketing on a shoe string, working and engaging in my local business community and local arts community, advocating on local and international issues, raising awareness, and why any of the aforementioned matters.  I'm sure that I'll come up with more topics along the way and other wonderful stories that I will want to add to the mix.

I'm looking forward to sharing in a fun and informative way all that I have learned from the many wonderful artists, artisans, business people, et al that have crossed my path on this 24 year journey.  Look for my next post inspired by one of my favorite "Galerie Escalier" artists, Greta Kessler and her annual Valentine's workshop that kicks off CADEAUX du MONDE's Newport Gallery Night Season every year in February.

Written by katiedyeratcadeauxdumonde — January 27, 2011

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Welcome to Cadeaux du Monde's online gallery, an award winning, eclectic, green, fair trade, international folk art collection. Featuring affordably priced handmade folk art from developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean and the South Pacific for the sophisticated, discriminating collector. We also exhibit original regional New England artwork in Galerie Escalier. In addition to our fabulous folk art and original artwork, CADEAX du MONDE staff is available to present our popular multicultural workshops to students of all ages. Our latest expansion is providing small business and social media workshops and consulting with staff available for private lessons, group workshops and social media management.

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